Many Hands, Many

Is it me or is the weather on its rocker?

It’s the first of July and here in Minnesota, we finally hit that 90 degree mark. I don’t think it took that long last year. But hey, I can’t complain. Anything beats snow.

I love the Summer. I can do without the heat and humidity but I feel like the season triggers a desire within me, that’s been Hibernating since Fall, to get off my toosh and to get things done.

I’ve spent a fair amount of money getting my garden ready. I wasn’t going to have one this year, due to the new addition to my family. (See previous blog post.) But I just could not have a garden this year. It’s part of me. So, after I put up some fencing to secure my three raised garden beds, I went to work.

And boy, did I work.

Since I started a little late, I wasn’t able to start my seedlings. I bought my little babies from Home Depot (organic only.) After prepping the soil, I planted my beautiful babies. So far, so good. They’re thriving. Must be all the bone meal and worm castings! For the past three years, I kept potted plants on the deck. This year, because of Brandy, I wanted to try something different. I purchased five fabric pots for my strawberries and peppers. I also bought two more with Velcro opening on the side for potatoes.

My garden isn’t quite ready for its close-up. I’ll have pics soon. Promise!

I also wanted to try something new this year.

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