First and More to Come?

This is my first official blog post in God knows how long.

I’m not a blogger but lately, I feel like I need to share and vent (in a good way) about my progress so far this year.

First. I attended Austin Bookstars Event in Austin on the 4th and 5th of May. The event was wonderful and mildly successful. I met and made friends with a few authors, received some much needed feedback, and sold books. I had a great time and I look forward to attending their upcoming event in New Orleans in 2020.

While in Texas, I stopped by Fort Worth’s animal shelter and decided to adopt a puppy. Meet Brandy!

The shelter wouldn’t tell me where they found her. Only that she was 3 months old and a Shepherd mix. At the shelter, I noticed that no one noticed her. Most of the people there were interested in the cute little Pitt Bull puppies. My parents already have one (that I rescued) and my significant other has four. Eventually, I realized that this was a kill shelter and she had zero chance of being adopted.

But now she’s home and having the time of her life with her big brother.

Second. Did I mention I’m super freaking busy? I’m always busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This time it’s worth all the headache and hair pulling.

I love writing. I love sharing my characters with the world. With that said, reading isn’t a favorite pastime in this day and age. Not enough people read and sometimes I feel there are more authors than readers. And attention spans…what attention spans?! Every author dreams of having their novels adapted for television or movies. I am one of them. Lucky for me, I have a minor in screenwriting and I decided to take the leap.

With help from another screenwriter, I started and completed the second draft of a pilot episode. With a few more tweaks, I hope to have the 60 page script polished and ready to go before my meeting with a special someone from Hollywood in July.

I’m so super excited for this! I don’t want to keep my hopes up but it’s hard not to.

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