Author podcast and DIY swag??

I’ve been in a DIY mood lately.

I’ve cut back on writing to give my brain a little time to rejuvenate and recharge. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still writing but I feel that my best work reveals itself when I’m not forcing myself to get out 2,000 words after a long day.

Some authors do it and excel at it. Some authors have a designated time that they write with no interruptions.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not that type of author.

There are only so many hours in a day, minutes in an hour, and seconds in a minute. I’ve learned to appreciate it all and use it in a way that benefits the short time that I have. At first, it was hard. I kept thinking that I wasn’t going to succeed and that my writing would just fall off and disappear into some great, dark abyss. But that wasn’t the case. After taking a day off, sometimes two, has helped me more than I can imagine. When I feel like writing, I write and when I don’t, I don’t. That doesn’t mean I’m not proactive in my career.

So, back to this DIY mood I’m in.

When I first released Deamhan, I had so much swag and I literally gave most of it away: tarot cards, vampire incense, hand sanitizer, bookmarks, pens, candles, gift baggies…you name it. For two years I gave away a Kindle to one lucky winner in my “End of the Year Giveaway.” I even remember making some jewelry.

The costs were atrocious and frankly, I wanted something different from bookmarks and pens. I wanted something that readers and fans could enjoy over the long haul. Something they can have in their home that’ll last them a long time. I couldn’t come up with any ideas so, I cut back as much as I could in order to break even with my book sales.

With the NOLA Bookstars Event next year in New Orleans, I’ve given it some thought and I’m happy to say that new swag is on its way!

I don’t want to say what it is now because it’s not ready. I experimented last weekend and made some organic peppermint lip balm. This new ‘swag’ isn’t lip balm but I think you’ll love it. Let’s just say it’ll be a great ‘essential’ to add to your home.

One more thing…

My mind is traveling at a million miles per hour in different directions. One path is the next upcoming (and still untitled) Deamhan book. Another path is a short 30 minute screenplay. Oh, I can’t forget about editing my Deamhan screenplay and working on what they call, the ‘Bible’ of said screenplay. Aaaaaaannnd a podcast.

So my question to you is…do you listen in to authors who read chapters of their books? And if so, how often? I’m not referring to Audible. I’m referring to a podcast of some sorts.

I read a chapter of Maris. The Brotherhood Files for Authors Read Podcast and I enjoyed it! Deamhan, Maris, and Behesians are available in audible but the rest of my books aren’t. I would love to read the novellas in the Deamhan Chronicles (Kei, Ayden, Hallie, and Ayden.) Would that be something that you would enjoy listening to? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time……

WIP: Untitled Deamhan book Mood: Exhausted

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