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A Much Needed Vacation

I haven't been that vocal with my vacation plans. I mentioned it here and there; in my newsletter, a few times in my private Facebook group ... maybe once on my Facebook page but I doubt it.

Anyway, I haven't been in Texas for months. Currently, I'm in Minnesota, taking care of my parents. I've been in the state for a little over three years. Things have turned for the better, so finally hubby and I can start house hunting.

I miss Texas. Minnesota will always be my home (because I was born there) but there's nothing quite like Texas. Food, hospitality, land, weather. It's such a beautiful state and after living there for a few years I made up my mind to move there.

Our vacation started by driving west to Shreveport, LA. We stayed a night at a beautiful hotel located by the Red River. We decided to test our luck at the casino. Now, I'm not one to gamble, but I thought, "why not?" You only live once, right? Well, in the first 10 minutes I was up $600. We cashed out and went back to our room.

By then, it was too late. The gambling bug hit us.

We went back down and tried our luck again. Every time we hit big, we cashed out and went back to our room, only to go back down again. It was pretty funny and after a few times, the guards at the entrance just let us in without checking our I.D. since we'd been down there over 10 times. In the end we ended up winning a little over $1400.

After Shreveport, we drove to visit friends in Tennessee. Then we headed to a suburb just outside of Atlanta. During this part in our drive, the rain was so intense, I literally wanted to pull over and ride out the storm. Traffic was terrible and it took us hours just to move one mile. No joke.

We finally reached Florida and visited more friends (I have tons of friends who live in Florida and Georgia.) We ended up visiting the Disney Store at the Florida Mall where we spent a little too much on statues, action figures, and POP Figurines. Later, we went to another store where I picked up a cool looking statue of Medusa from Marvel's The Inhumans as well as X-Men's Dazzler. We also bought some cool Pennywise statues; both from the current IT movie and the 80s Tim Curry one as well as a Candyman and Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Inhuman's Medusa

After nearly spending our entire savings (it sure felt like it) we headed back west. At the last minute, we decided to stop in New Orleans. Again, we were off to the casinos but after losing, we cut that short and decided to head to the French Quarter since I never been.

What we failed to realize was that many, many, many people had arrived early for Madris Gras. It was ridiculous. However, we stopped by Marie Laveau's House Of Voodoo where I purchased a beautiful skull bracelet, a coffee mug, and some other cool items. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside so later, I had to take them when hubby and I got home.

Overall, it was a wonderful and much needed vacation. Now, it's time to relax just a day or so before I have to dive back into writing. These books won't write themselves.

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