Untitled. Deamhan Chronicles #5

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Crows. Why does it always have to be crows?

Hallie watched a fairly large one land just a few feet from herself and Remy. It twisted its small neck to look at them before it hopped toward the parking lot. She assumed the little thing was looking for food which was scarce on a cool night like this.

Fall in the lovely state of Minnesota wasn’t anything to take lightly, especially for humans. The season signaled the oncoming threat of winter with below zero temperatures, snow and bitter cold nights. Fall was their last chance to leave their comfortable homes and bask in the nightlife before the weather’s arctic change.

And the nightlife in downtown Minneapolis was extraordinary, sometimes downright crazy on the weekends. Hallie thought she saw it all until a fight broke out down the street between two drunk girls. She watched as one of them in a short skimpy dress slapped the other one before they both fell to the ground and pulled at each other’s hair.

Remy laughed at the spectacle and elbowed her before he asked, “Who do you think will win? The brunette or the blond one?”

The sound of a police siren stopped the fight.

“Aww,” he pouted. “I was enjoying that.”

“Of course you were,” she replied. “Nothing like a little action to heighten your senses.”

“And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, my littlest Deamhan.”

“Never said there was but after 150 years, I’d think that you, of all people, would start to find it boring.”

He enjoyed watching altercations and how humans reacted to them. Lamia Deamhan usually did. As a Metusba Deamhan, she didn’t like the attention. Also, she believed that the organization housed in a building across the street was the cause of most of her discontent. The Brotherhood.

Over the span of six months, the city saw a huge influx of supernatural creatures and there wasn’t anything they could do about it. They felt that the agreement they made with the Brotherhood left them with the short end of the stick.[1] The Brotherhood helped the Deamhan deal with their itty bitty magical problem and in return, they had no choice but to step aside and allow them full access to the city again.

Now Remy was so close to saying ‘screw the deal’ and he wanted to take them out one by one, but their vampire friend, Lambert, advised him to use caution. Deamhan weren’t known for discretion, especially when faced with a strong and annoying adversary who couldn’t keep their nose out of their business. That’s what the Brotherhood was: annoying humans who made it their job to interfere.

A week ago, two Brotherhood researchers spied on her from a car parked just down the street from a local park. Last weekend, Remy complained that they scared his meal away, and just three days ago, one of them snapped a picture with his phone of Hallie casually walking down the street.

Remy had enough. By cataloging their scents and spying on them from across the street, he returned the favor. Well, that’s how he saw it.

Yet there was one scent that neither of them picked up in the past month; a scent from years ago and that bothered him the most. He hadn’t spoken her name since she returned to Minneapolis, a full-blown Brotherhood member and the President of the Midwest Division of the organization.[2] Once their friend, now he viewed her was the enemy but Hallie knew the truth. Deep down, Remy still thought about her just as much as she did. He missed her. In fact, he still loved her.

“Stop thinking about her.” Able to pick up on Hallie’s thoughts, Remy whispered to her.

“Sorry, it’s hard not to.”

“Think of something else.” He inhaled his cigarette and noticed that it burned itself out, down to the filter. He flicked it over his shoulder and placed his hands in the pockets of his dark jeans.

“You know it’s not that easy.”

“It is for me my littlest Deamhan,” he replied. “She doesn’t think and she doesn’t care about us anymore, so why should we?”

“You should tell yourself that.” Hallie locked eyes with one of the researchers; a male who looked just a little older than herself with straight dark hair and chestnut-colored eyes. He was attractive, to say the least, and a little older looking than herself. Remy knew him fairly well. He nearly came down to blows with the teenager shortly before most of the researchers traveled back to San Diego for reasons unknown.

“I wonder if he knows we’re out here, stalking him,” he laughed.

“I’m sure he does.”

“He hates me.”

“Yeah, he does.”

“I mean, he really, really hates me.”

“He thinks you’re a murdering psychopath.”

Remy smiled. “Good.”

“But you’re not a murdering psychopath.”

“Shhhh. Don’t tell him that.”

The teenage researcher, Ian, opened the front door to the Brotherhood Chapter headquarters and stepped out. After closing the door he walked to the corner, waited for the light to turn green before he crossed. Unlike the other times they spied on him, he wore typical Brotherhood gear: a long black trench coat with tan slacks and a white shirt underneath. His tangy cologne filled scent reached their nose, followed by the mixture of body wash and deodorant.

He approached them and then stopped a few feet away, just out of range of her feeding zone. Like that would stop me from feeding off his psychic energy.

“Don’t worry,” Remy said to Ian. “I’m not going to bite…unless I have to.”

Ian’s eyes looked him up and down before he spoke. “Don’t you get tired spying on me?”

“No, it passes the time.” Remy folded his arms.

“Do I have to remind you both about the deal we made?”

“Oh, we remember. But there’s nothing in that deal which says that we can’t stand here and stalk you like you stalk us.”

The corner of Ian’s mouth curled upward. “If you’re looking for her, she’s not here.”

“And why would I be looking for her?”

“You can’t be serious.”

Hallie sighed. Remy went well out of the way to avoid having to say her name. It was getting beyond ridiculous.

“It’s my job to know everything there is about your type of supernaturals,” Ian said.

“All of us or just us two?”

Hallie elbowed Remy in his side. You’re aggravating him, she telepathically spoke to him.

That’s the point, he replied back.

“All of you,” Ian responded. “You’re supposed to keep your distance. Let us do our jobs.”

“Us?” Remy joked. “Last time I checked, it’s only you.”

Ian followed up with the threat. “If you think I can’t take you, make a move.”

And being Remy, he ate it up. “You gonna’ zap me with your dark magic?”

Sensing their confrontation beginning to boil, Hallie pulled at Remy’s sleeves. “Let’s go.”

At first, he took a step back but when Ian grinned, Remy stepped forward.

 “You’re just like she said you’d be. Veroni-”

“I’d rather you not say her name.”

Hallie commented under her breath. “Veronica Austin. Oiy, that woman still has the ability to make you do almost anything, Remy.”

Veronica was the only human who caught his eye the first night she arrived in Minneapolis. Remy instantly fell in love, or so he said.[3] At first, Hallie thought his attraction to her was adorable but now, it was annoying. Veronica placed the blame squarely on them for the death of someone they all trusted and honored. She threw away the years they spent with her, just to take over her father’s spot as the President of the Midwest Division of the Brotherhood.

Remy pretended that wasn’t so quick to forgive her for her actions. Give him a day or two around her again and Hallie bet her life that he’d revert back to his ‘I’d do anything for her’ attitude.

“You aren’t allowed anywhere near this location. She mentioned this to you,” Ian said. “If you continue to ignore that, we will have no choice but to protect ourselves.”

Unwilling to hear another word spew from his mouth, Hallie tugged at Remy again. “Let’s go.”

Her unusual retreat behavior caught him off guard. “Go?”

“Yes. Let’s go.” She slapped him on the back of his arm.

“You go.” He attempted to hand his half-empty pack of cigarettes to her. “I wanna’ stay. Show this Behesian a thing or two about-”

Annoyed, she pushed his hand away. “You can’t bribe me with cigs anymore.” It was what he always did, especially when he wanted her to act like a nice little obedient Deamhan. “Lambert’s waiting for us, remember? The sanctuary?”

This still did little to move him.

“Yeah, go and don’t come back here,” Ian added.

Hallie looked over her shoulder and forced her eyes to turn stark black. It was a Deamhan trick that usually scared humans however, it did little to wipe the smirk from Ian’s face.




The vampire club, Dark Sepulcher was an ideal place for supernatural creatures who wanted to have a good time. Unlike Hallie, Remy enjoyed its unusual atmosphere and loved to go on a regular basis. He loved the attention he received from the females while there, unaware they were nothing more than walking displays of edible food.

Back then he hunted regularly, watching and waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Now, that all changed. Lambert revamped his club to cater to more well-respected individuals. His plan was to make the atmosphere more welcoming to all in the city. Werewolves. Vampires. Dorvo vampires. Deamhan, researchers….money was money. He wanted to go back to how things used to be.

Remy wasn’t too thrilled on the idea. No Deamhan would be since they were now far and few. Hunting wasn’t like it used to be and he didn’t let that issue go when he harked to Lambert about the recent changes.

Hallie never had that experience or knew what life was like before all the horrors went down. Before all this, she was forced to stay at the sanctuary couldn’t roam the city to hunt. She was a target, not only to vampires but to Deamhan who viewed her as someone who should’ve never been sired in the first place. In their eyes, she was too young. Her existence went against their laws, The Dictum.

Now the Dictum didn’t exist and those who followed it were either dead, on the run, or in hiding. This meant that she was free to explore the city whenever she wanted to and now the vampires outnumbered Deamhan five to one, which didn’t upset her all that much. She preferred them over the weird smelling Dorvo vampires anyway.

“Well, this is different.” Remy pointed at a sign with the words ‘Dark Sepulcher’ blinking in dull red lights. “When did Lambert decide to put that up?”

Their appearance didn’t go unnoticed. Before they reached the front doors, she saw someone familiar standing against the wall of the club. She could never forget his mocha colored green eyes and the way he rocked that jasmine and thyme cologne.

Remy saw him too. “Isn’t he that boy you’ve been hanging around with recently?” he whispered to her.

“Give me a minute.” She pressured him to stay back. No way would she give him an inch to ruin what she strived so hard to accomplish; having a human friend.

“What’s he doing here anyway?”

“I invited him.”

“To Dark Sepulcher?” Remy’s eyebrows scrunched together.

“No. I’m not that stupid. Stay here.” She approached her friend and waved her hand. “Owen!”

He snapped his head in her direction and immediately his lips pulled back into a wide smile. “Hey!” His beautiful eyes expanded. “Ready?”

With everything currently going on, the plans they agreed upon last week escaped her mind. She winced and rubbed the back of her neck. “Oh, the movie!”

“And the game tomorrow.”

“Game?” She stammered in her reply.

“At Grove Hill.” He laughed. “You forgot didn’t you?”

Grove Hill. Her old school. She studied Owen’s face and nervous, her Deamhan senses took hold of his scent which now smelled exotic and tasty, which downright frightened her. She took a giant step back, not only to distance herself but also to control her desire to eat him.

“You said you hadn’t been there in a while and you wanted to go. Don’t tell me you changed your mind?”

“Yeah. I mean, no! Can you just give me a minute? I have to go and meet someone real quick.”

“Sure.” His eyes briefly moved to Remy then back to her. “Is everything okay?”

She had yet to introduce him to Remy for good reason and she didn’t plan on doing so at that moment. “Everything’s cool. Just wait here.”

Still embarrassed, she swiped her hair to cover the left side of her face as she hurried to the front door of Dark Sepulcher. She heard Remy’s brisk footsteps behind her and caught up to her pace.

“That was awkward.” He shot her a cheery smile. “How are you supposed to hang out with him when you can’t control the urge to eat him?”

“I won’t eat him.”

“Why that one? He doesn’t look special.” He glanced over his shoulder at Owen.

“He makes me feel normal. Remy, sometimes I dream of the day when I don’t have to run from even the smallest sliver of sunlight. I miss being able to sit on the grass on a summer day or hang out with friends. He reminds me of that.”

“Being a Deamhan isn’t all doom and gloom. It has its perks. You know that.”

“I do but…”

“You want to be able to teeter back and forth in both worlds.” He playfully tapped her nose. “Can’t have it both ways, Hallie.”

She partially agreed but gave no indication to him that she did.

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