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Is it me or is the weather on its rocker?

It’s the first of July and here in Minnesota, we finally hit that 90 degree mark. I don’t think it took that long last year. But hey, I can’t complain. Anything beats snow.

I love the Summer. I can do without the heat and humidity but I feel like the season triggers a desire within me, that’s been Hibernating since Fall, to get off my toosh and to get things done.

I’ve spent a fair amount of money getting my garden ready. I wasn’t going to have one this year, due to the new addition to my family. (See previous blog post.) But I just could not have a garden this year. It’s part of me. So, after I put up some fencing to secure my three raised garden beds, I went to work.

And boy, did I work.

Since I started a little late, I wasn’t able to start my seedlings. I bought my little babies from Home Depot (organic only.) After prepping the soil, I planted my beautiful babies. So far, so good. They’re thriving. Must be all the bone meal and worm castings!
For the past three years, I kept potted plants on the deck. This year, because of Brandy, I wanted to try something different. I purchased five fabric pots for my strawberries and peppers. I also bought two more with Velcro opening on the side for potatoes.

My garden isn’t quite ready for its close-up. I’ll have pics soon. Promise!

I also wanted to try something new this year.

My companion notepad.
Believe it or not, I carry around a small notepad with me everywhere. I take it to work. I take it to the grocery store. It’s close to me when I’m in the car. That way, when an idea pops into my head, I’ll be able to write it down (unless I’m in the car of course.)
This little notepad that I got from the Dollar Store is awesome! I couldn’t ask for a better companion (shhhh, don’t tell my hubby that!)
So far it’s filled with little notes, some dialogue, reminders, and even a few possible titles for my upcoming novel. Now, only if I can stop losing pens in my car.


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